STEM Teacher
Training &

A bright and productive future of our students, and our communities, is in the hands of our teachers. It is a vital part of our mission to provide affordable STEM teacher training and professional development for high school teachers. Our focus is on preparing educators for the modern STEM classroom.

“More than half of U.S. public school districts, including more than 90 percent of districts serving large populations of African-American and Latino students, report difficulties recruiting and retaining certified, knowledgeable STEM teachers.”

Melissa Moritz, former deputy director of STEM initiatives at the U.S. Department of Education

STEM Teacher Training & Professional Development

Our Teacher training curricula develops core competencies required for effective implementation of a STEM curricula, including:

  • Fostering inclusivity
  • Creating and managing STEM-specific student-centered classroom learning environment
  • Teaching project-based learning (PBL)
  • Making the vision of Next Generation Science Standards come alive in the classroom
  • Teaching STEM using 5E Instructional Model
  • Identifying and integrating the right technology that enhances learning
  • Reinforcing effective communication skills
  • Assessing student learning
  • Facilitating learning outside of classroom setting
Ongoing Teacher Support

US ORT Operations STEM teachers receive tailored and constant support through every module of our STEM curricula.

This includes:

Free access to our original content
Free access to our original content including tailored instructor manuals and detailed content knowledge references
STEM Mentors
In-person and virtual sessions with our STEM Mentors
360° feedback and assessment
360° feedback and assessment mechanism allowing teachers to connect with our mentors and to hear back from their students as the year progresses