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For The Future

US ORT Operations STEM Program offers a unique, inquiry-based STEM curriculum for 9th and 10th graders.

A focus on Solar Energy, Computer Science & Technology

Emphasis on modern teamwork and project delivery concepts prevalent in today’s workplace, including Agile and Design Thinking

Competency-based teacher training & support

The aim of the US ORT Operations STEM Program initiative is to provide affordable and modern STEM education to Jewish and non-Jewish students in underserved segments of our communities.

The future is here.
Traditional education is not keeping up.

Generational sea change in the workforce, a technological revolution in the economy, and a growing lack of professionals with a technical education will leave millions of jobs unfilled according to experts.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the economy will need as many as 100,000 new information technology workers per year over the next decade. Right now, only about 60,000 of these workers enter the workforce each year.

Today’s STEM classroom has to provide students with problem-solving skills, technology skills, and an introduction to ways of working that are based on prevalent and latest advances in education as well as the business world.

We future-proof our program with a focus on Computer Science & Engineering.

$65,000 vs. $49,500 earned by non-STEM majors
STEM education leads to jobs & opportunities, with STEM majors earning an average of $65,000 vs. $49,500 earned by non-STEM majors
73% of STEM job growth
73% of STEM job growth will be in Computer Science
Highest salaries of all STEM professionals
Computer & information science professionals & Engineers earn the highest salaries of all STEM professionals

In addition to all of the core topics covered, US ORT Operations STEM students receive project-based introduction to HTML, C++, JavaScript, Web Design, Game Design, Artificial Intelligence, and more…

Introducing students to ways of working that are transforming industries.

We have brought together a team of education experts as well as business and technology experts to ensure that we include the latest thinking in how industries operate in today’s world.

Our modules infuse best practices in project management and teamwork as we introduce students to elements of Agile project delivery where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration and cross-functional teaming.

Tailored & immersive training of the US ORT Operations STEM teachers is at the heart of our success.

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