Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute

The Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute in Skokie, Illinois is a second main campus of Los Angeles ORT College. Enrollment is 450 students who come from over 45 different nations. Zarem/Golde serves the local population as well as new immigrants and students with foreign student visas. The students appreciate the nurturing and supportive staff and take advantage of support services such as career services and academic tutoring.


The Institute offers an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting and certificate programs including Computer Graphics and Web Design, Computer Support and Networking, Accounting, CADD, Medical Assistant, and Pharmacy Technician as well as Vocational English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. All Zarem/Golde programs are short-term (less than one year) intensive programs in areas of high job market demand.


Zarem/Golde ORT’s programs provide hands-on learning with caring faculty who work in the areas they teach. The school’s Professional Advisory Board is comprised of local company representatives that advise the school about the types of skills students need to acquire to be marketable in a highly competitive job market. Thus the school curricula meets the needs of local employers and Zarem/Golde ORT students enjoy job placement rates close to 80%. Students gain employment at local businesses large and small including Walgreens, Walmart, medical offices and many independent employers in the area.

All students participate in a 16-hour job preparation course that includes resume preparation, practice interviews and job search techniques. But Zarem/Golde doesn’t stop there. It teaches the students cultural aspects of being an American, such as listening, how to dress, proper handshakes, eye contact, and other interviewing skills that will help them obtain a job. Additional information about Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute can be found online at the Zarem/Golde ORT website.


Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute / Main Campus
5440 W. Fargo Avenue
Skokie, IL 60077
(847) 324-5588

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