Students Observe Hasidic Law Professor in Action

Law School students attending JTVS/Bramson ORT College were given a special treat
yesterday, Monday, November 14, 2011. The students had the unique opportunity to
observe a lecture by a world renowned Torts expert, Law professor and devout Hasid at
Brooklyn Law School.

Over the course of the fall semester, Chabad students have been studying business law at
Bramson under the tutelage of Professor Ruchie Freier Esq.

Mrs. Freier, led the trip to her Alma Matter, accompanying the students to a lecture by Law
Professor Aaron Twerski. Professor Twerski descends from Chabad, Sanz, Bobov, and
Chernobyl dynasties. His brother is the well known psychiatrist, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski.

The nearly fifteen students who were in attendance listened as Professor Twerski analyzed
the laws and technicalities of liabilities and negligence. The students were moved by the
deep respect that the law students had for their erudite Chasidic law professor. It was
important to Professor Freier that the students see that being frum does not limit one from
making great accomplishments in one's professional career.

JTVS' yeshiva program is directed by Rabbi Levi Kaplan. The college program is overseen
by Yair Rosenrauch, director of Bramson ORT's Brooklyn extension site. Bramson ORT
prides itself in providing a nurturing environment for Chareidi students and the personalized
attention needed for each of these students to excel.

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